It's a Good Day


Get motivated to start your day in a positive and insightful way. This book will help you to deepen your understanding of how to go beyond coping to flourishing. Learn to increase your self-care skills and get support for a daily practice of meditation/prayer. The author shares inspired messages for making it a good day to grow in your health, love, balance and peace of mind.

Who: People who are open to receiving motivational messages that help develop a positive attitude and positive activities in their lives.

Why: Having trouble with the challenges of life? There is much to be gained from reading a short but inspiring message of hope and support to help guide you along your way. You can change your mindset from one of worry or fear to one of relaxation and calm, hopefulness and confidence.

Book details

Trade Paperback: 148 pages
Language: English
ISBN: ‎978-0934523-83-7
Dimensions 6" X 9"
Amazon average review ranking: 5 Stars
Profusely illustrated

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