Rune Stones:

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How To Cast And Interpret Them

A Look into the Future

For thousands of years mankind has been possessed with a desire to peek into the future. Currently, even in these days of high technology, the popularity of psychics and science fiction continues. At university, and other accredited paranormal research centers, the standard test for Extra Sensory perception (ESP) requires the subject to predict which specific card is next going to be drawn from a deck.

One day at Duke University Paranormal lab, a research assistant noticed that some of the subjects who hadn't previously been considered psychic actually were. They had been accurately predicting the order the cards would be drawn as:

"Star, Box, Box, Pyramid."

When in fact the cards were coming up Circle, Star, Box, Box, Pyramid.

The test subjects were predicting the exact sequence; their only mistake was when that sequence actually began.

Rune Stones can be used also to channel our intuition. Most of us have ESP, but we haven't used it in so long that the ability to use it is hidden away, rusting from disuse. Naturally, when our ESP does break through, it's inconsistent and inaccurate, and hard to trust. However, by casting and interpreting run stones, our intuition becomes exercised. With practice, intuition becomes consistent and reliable.

While we may no longer rely on our intuition to sense the presence of a prowling saber-toothed tiger, we might instead focus the energy on how to best approach a grumbling partner or to make a sound business decision.

This eBook shows the 24-characters that comprise the Runic alphabet and offers basic advice and how to do a reading for yourself or others.

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