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"Books Are Where
We Find Our Dreams"

Who is Middle Coast Publishing?

Established in 1982, we are a traditional, publisher located near Iowa City, Iowa. Our name, Middle Coast Publishing, is meant to reflect the kind of content we publish. In other words, our intent is to avoid the provincial thinking of East Coast (Manhattan) book and magazine publishers and instead, we publish books people actually want to read..

Our Mission

The pearl depicted in our logo is a metaphor for our books, as in pearls of wisdom. Our mission then, is to provide quality books, boasting high-quality writing, a durable binding and tantalizing subject matter.

While it's our intention to sell as many copies of a title as possible, we do not believe that the sole value of a book lies in the sale of massive quantities. As it happens, many of our titles only sell a few hundred copies. True to our pearls of wisdom philosophy, we believe those titles are still worth publishing for the knowledge they contain and the valuable information they impart to readers. Many of our backlist titles enjoy modest initial sales, yet continue to sell year after year due to their valuable, specialized content.

What We Do

Middle Coast Publishes non-fiction books and novels in print editions and e-Book format. Genres include: Foreign language, Mystery, Poetry, Mystery-Crime, Firearms, Personal Computer Programming, Strength-Fitness, Marine Engine Repair, Cookbooks and UFOlogy.

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