What to do when leaded fuel becomes extinct


What This Book Is About

Now in its sixth printing, this book was first published in 1985. Yet,its many insights are still viable today. Besides information about the EPA phase-out of leaded gasoline,you will learn:

How aftermarket, or home-brew, water injection kits work wonders for passenger cars and boats by stopping engine knock and reducing acid build-up in crankcase oil

How to buy back lost horsepower by adding an aftermarket turbocharger.

How to diagnose a poorly-running engine.

How to diagnose and remedy sick fuel with additives.

The truth behind the great gasohol debate

The benefits of synthetic oil and whether or not it's a wise choice for your engine.

How to vet a mechanic by checking into his training, tool box and the state of his shop.

What you should know about dirty fuel and preventing problems that arise from it.

How to troubleshoot your engine with add-on dashboard gauges.

Spark plug savvy: which spark plugs are the best choice for our car or boat.

How to tell if your engine is knocking and what to do about it.

Find out how octane boosters (fuel additives) work, and which ones are nothing more than snake oil.

How to use an alcohol detector kit for spotting watered-down fuel before it damages your engine.

How to dissect an oil filer to perform D-I-Y oil analysis without paying for a lab test.

And of course, true to the theme of the book's original premise, you will learn all about:
Why lead-starved engines wear out sooner.

The science behind TEL replacement lubricants and how they work.
How to rebuild an engine to survive the scourge of no-lead gasoline.

Book Details

Trade Paperback: 58 pages
Language: English
ISBN 978-0934523813
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight: 5 ounces

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