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Facts and Circumstance in the History of the Arisaka Type 99 Rifles Fighting in the Korean War

During the Korean War, approximately 126,500 short and 6,650 long Type 99 Rifles were re-chambered under American supervision at the Tokyo arsenal to fire the U.S. Military M2 .30-06 Springfield cartridge. These rifles were fitted with a lengthened magazine well and had a small notch cut in the top of the receiver ring in order to accommodate the .30-06 round's 1/3 of an inch greater overall length.

The Pentagon rather wisely wrote a Technical Manual for the converted rifles that addresses inspection of the weapon, care, assembly and function. This then is that TM.

Truth be told, an Army Technical Manual is an instructional book. In this case it names all of the Arisaka rifle parts and details what they do. Its illustrations show those parts in mechanical drawings.

Naturally there is a section on disassembly and assembly of the Arisaka Type 99. The bayonet is covered briefly, as is the different types of .30-06 ammunition that can be fired out of the rifle (M-2 Ball, Tracer, Armor Piercing, blank).

The section on the antiaircraft sights explains how the sights are to be used and which marks on the sight arms correspond to speed and distance. In other words, the narrative explains how to use the sights to shoot at aircraft. (Golden BB notwithstanding, good luck with that!)

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