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A Readings Notebook

Learn How to Draw
Interpret Rune Stones Creatively

For thousands of years mankind has been possessed with a desire to peek into the future. Currently, even in these days of high technology, the popularity of psychics and fortune tellers continues. And it is being taking seriously. At university, and other accredited paranormal research centers, the standard test for Extra Sensory perception (ESP) requires the subject to guess which specific card is next going to be drawn from a deck of cards. One day at the Duke University Paranormal laboratory, a research assistant noticed some of the subjects who hadn't previously been considered psychic actually were. They had been predicting the order the cards would be drawn as:


When the cards were coming up:


In other words, in the exact correct order, only with one card out of sequence.Restated for emphasis: Their only mistake was when that sequence actually began.

Rune Stones Channel Intuition

Most of us have ESP, but in our culture we haven't used it in so long that our clairvoyance is hidden away, rusting from disuse. The time worn axiom, Use It Or Lose It, comes to mind. While we may no longer need our intuition to sense the presence of a prowling, saber-toothed tiger. In the modern world one might focus intuition on determining the best approach with a grumbling life's partner, a difficult co-worker, or to make better business decisions.

Reading Rune Stones Exercises Intuition

In the beginning when ESP does break through, often it's inconsistent, inaccurate and hard to trust. However, reading rune stones exercises intuition muscles. Ultimately, intuition becomes more consistent and reliable. Use this rune stone journal to record which rune stones are drawn and the interpretation of that reading. Days, weeks, months, or even years later, revisit the notations in your journal to recall what was going on in your life

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