A Practical Guide for
Body Builders and Strength Athletes

the kelso shrug book

Want to Grow Bigger, Stronger Faster,
Sooner, Rather Than Later?

Then, as simple as the sea is salt, the solution to expand your chest, the foundation for every weight-lifting exercise you will ever do. Know that Paul Kelso's Bone Structure Course's offers proven results. You will learn how to be stronger in a month or two, not next year.

Here's what you'll discover in
Kelso's Bone Structure Course:

That Kelso's proven principles will make your chest wider and deeper and spread your shoulders, stimulating overall growth and building a basic foundation for the future.

That getting wider across, thicker front to back, and by expanding the rib cage will allow for more muscular weight to be carried.

That from 1-½ to 3-inches of chest gain expansion can be expected in in three-months to six-months time.

That expansion of the rib cage will do two things for you. 1. Your appearance will improved. 2. Your posture will improve.

That your strength leverage should improve.

That your overall conditioning and endurance will improve.

That a larger rib cage and higher sternum shorten the lifter's stroke.

That all this in turn forces the bone structure to spread. As bone structure tends to harden or set in the mid-twenties, younger lifters will be able to expect greater gains in expanding their rack than more mature lifters.

All of these things are compelling reasons why you should read Paul Kelso's Bone Structure Course. You will also learn how to get started with, and eventually master, the following list of exercises, each one of them explained step-by-step.

Stretching and Trunk Twists

Breathing Stiff-Leg deadlift

Breathing Squat

Light Pull-Overs

Dumbbell Flyes

Breathing-Style Hise Shrugs

Rader Chest Pulls

Breathing Overhead Pull downs

Incline Bench Press

Bent-over rowing wide-grip

Behind the Neck Press

Bent Arm Pull-Over

WARNING: This Bone Structure Course does not include hopeful thoughts, lucky charms, pictures of unicorns or cute quotes. That’s because great strength, success, happiness, and everything else you want in life need to be worked for, not wished for. There are no escalators. Only stairs. Get ready to climb. Take the next step in your fitness journey. Skyrocket your success with building muscle mass, strength and physical fitness. Build Powerful Routines Into Your Workouts by Clicking the "Buy" Button at the bottom of the Page.

Kelso Shrug book details

Trade Paperback: 50 pages
Profusely Illustrated
Language: English
ISBN 978-0934523318

About the Author

portrait of Paul kelso playing the guitar

Paul Kelso was active in the world of weights for fifty years, having published more than 100 articles and three books on the iron game. More specifically, his credits include: Hardgainer, Muscular Development, American Fitness Quarterly, International Powerlifting (IPF) and three Japanese magazines. As Asian correspondent for POWERLIFTING USA magazine, he reported six Asian Championships, two IPF World Championships and the 2001 World Games, plus multiple national championships in Japan and the Philippines.

In his early years Kelso served two tours as an Army medic, spent time as a teacher, journalist and folksinger. He wrestled professionally. He earned an MA in American Studies from the University of Iowa.

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