Shoot to Live!

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the Johnson Method of Musketry Coaching

by LTC Stephen Johnson

Shoot To Live is an absolute MUST for anyone who wants to take his or her marksmanship to the next level.

Musketry - The technique of bringing fire from a rifle to bear on specified target.

The Johnson Method of Coaching was developed by Lt. Col. Stephen Johnson of the Canadian Army over a period of 20 years. During which time, Lt. Col. Johnson earned an enviable reputation as one of Canada's outstanding rifle shots, winning several championships and qualifying five times a member of Canada's Bisley team.

During the Second World War he put his ideas into practice training the Canadian Army with excellent results. Here on the pages of this handbook, learn methods that are as valuable today, as they were during the War.

Read this book to learn how to shoot correctly, effectively and consistently.

On the pages of this profusely illustrated World War II guide to firing rifles was used by the Canadian Armed Forces, shooters will learn:
How to sight-in a rifle.
Find out the meaning of bullet patterns in the target.
Learn the value of shooting a .22 target rifle.
How to identify and give up bad shooting habits.
All about sight pictures.
How to shoot with both eyes open.
How to shoot with both eyes open.
How to achieve trigger control.
How to achieve trigger control.
The correct use of a sandbag.
How to stop flinching.

The Book's Chapters

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Position
Chapter 3. Holding
Chapter 4. Breathing
Chapter 5. Aiming
Chapter 6. Trigger Control
Chapter 7. Co-ordination
Chapter 8. The Range
Chapter 9. Target Analysis
Chapter 10. Zeroing
Chapter 11. Coaching Technique
Chapter 12. Rapid Fire and Snap Shooting
Chapter 13. Psychology of Coaching
Chapter 14. Conclusion

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About the Author

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Stephen Johnson was an internationally acclaimed shooter who earned the title of Premier Marksman. His coaching techniques have been used for many years by the Canadian Armed Forces.

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Military Rifle Series

Trade Paperback: 234 pages
Language: English
ISBN 978-0-934523-91-2
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Profusely Illustrated