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1001 Boating Questions and Answers

Nautical Trivia is Packed to the gunnels with more than 1,000+ Questions and Answers about the Deep blue Sea! Perfect for Veteran Seafarers and Armchair Navigators Alike. Organized into 170-pages of nautical terminology and trivia from our maritime past, this book is divided into seven nautically-flavored categories

The Rules of the Road
Rivers and Waterways
Nautical Terminology
Power boating
Potpourri (catch all)

Even if you work in the marine industry you probably hear all kinds of sayings that you have no idea from where they originate. Perusing these pages book you will learn all about epic explorers, history makers, record breakers, myths, legends, seafaring traditions and life at sea. Some of the questions are text book serious, while others are whimsical to keep things light. This then is the perfect companion for a nautical family, an appropriate stowaway for cozy evenings either spent aboard or ashore. Test yourself and your crew in the cockpit or at the yacht club. As an added benefit to the camaraderie enjoyed, you're likely to learn a little bit about boating. By the time you guys reach the bitter end of the 1,000 plus questions, your crew will have navigated centuries of maritime history, crossed thousands of miles of open ocean and discovered new lands. Suffice it to say, this book is full of useful information and is easy to read, even for landlubbers. Finally, one does not have to actually play the game to enjoy this book. Instead, imply pick up a copy and read it.

What Readers Are Saying About Nautical Trivia

"A great book to have around for anyone who loves either boats or knowledge about them." - John Fields

"Great book. A good addition to anyone's library. I recommend," - Toby Feldman

"I recommend." - John Clemans.

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Language: English
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