Marine Engine Lay-Up:

Marine engine layup the book

A Step-by-Step Guide to Decommissioning
Inboards, Stern Drives and Outboard motors

This is a book on How to Service, Diagnose and Repair Marine Engines of all propulsion types:

Outboard Motors
Stern Drives
Inboard marine engines

Coverage includes information on:

Winter lay-up methods
Spring commissioning procedures
How to tune an outboard, inboard or stern drive.
Rebuilding a carburetor
Service an outboard motor's water pump
Valuable tips on surveying a marine engine
How Reverse Osmosis water maker can kill an inboard.
Learn the mysteries of skeg and anti-ventilation plates.
Learn how to maximize starting battery life.
Learn how to stabilize fuel to prevent gummed up carburetor.
Learn how to tell there's was in gas in seconds without tools.
Learns the secret of the zerk fitting.
An explanation on exactly why it's important to keep maintenance records.
Advice on whether or not you need to dose fuel with an octane booster.
Find out why crankcase oil should be changed warm.
Determine whether an engine is overheating with a splash of water.
Interpret lower unit health by smelling and rubbing a splash of drained gear case oil between your fingers.

Besides the practical knowledge, this title features a special section replete with forms to record work completed.

Be advised this is not a shop manual, so in other words it is not a Chilton or Clymer style manual. But instead it is a marine mechanic's work bench notes that relate how any reasonably competent Do-It-Yourselfer can accomplish otherwise expensive procedures on his own, saving money and gaining knowledge in the process.

About the Author

The author is a factory-trained marine mechanic and service manager who, as a contributing editor, wrote about marine engine technology and repairs for Motor Boating magazine for three decades as well as contributing stories to Popular Mechanics, and various Boating and Yachting magazines in the US, Australia, Singapore and Brazil. He has plied the trade in the Caribbean, Iowa, Arizona and California.

Book Details

Series: From the Shop Bench
ISBN: 978-0934523370
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Trade Paperback: 72 pages

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