Lee-Enfield Rifle: Target Shooter's Logbook

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Public Domain cover photo courtesy of the Swedish Army Museum, Stockholm

Edited by Frederic Faust

A Marksman, or Sharpshooter

Someone skilled in precision shooting

Do you want to become a better target shooter or hunter? The simple solution to improve accuracy is to practice punching holes in paper targets, along with recording that target shooting data. Know that keeping a journal of training sessions at the range, and in competition, helps one to learn the techniques required to get on target.

To that end, follow the fundamentals of correct sight alignment and proper eye focus. Practice breath control. Gently take up slack on the trigger, inhale, pause for a beat, hold your breath, then exhale just before firing. Inhaling or exhaling while squeezing the trigger causes bullet impact to move up or down the target. Similarly, pulling the trigger, instead of sqeezing, minutely shifts the weapon to the left or to the right, once again causing the bullet to veer off-target.

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