101 Tasty Ways to Prepare
Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers!

Killer Burger Recipes book cover

Killer Burger Recipes celebrates the burger, our national dish, with 101 modern twists to traditional recipes by adding alternative ingredients and toppings, like spices, fruits and cheese

When we say burger, we mean a beef burger made with ground chuck, brisket, short ribs or even tenderloin. On these pages you will learn the best cuts of meats and blends for building a tasty, succulent burger and how to cook one to the degree of doneness to your liking. Find out why your burger needs a cast iron skillet and why you should never smash a patty flat with the spatula. Learn why store-bought shredded cheese is not the best choice, and what is.

Recipes include such favorites as the infamous Juicy Lucy, the venerable Patty Melt, Blue Cheese and Mushroom burgers as well as regional varieties like the New England, Southwestern, TexMex, California, Carolina and Oklahoma burgers. Enjoy flavor-packed Argentinian (Gaucho), Canadian, Korean, Japanese, Mexican Spanish and Italian versions of the humble burger.

Learn how to duplicate hamburger-chain sliders, like White Castle and Krystal, in your kitchen.

Jam packed with recipes and techniques, this book is all about hamburgers: Dressed with a slice of Swiss or American cheese, how to cook on a grill or in a cast iron skillet, when to steam or toast the hamburger buns, when to lay a dollop of condiments, how to prevent overcooking a patty while patiently waiting for the cheese to melt.

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