The Kelso Shrug System

the kelso shrug  book

A Practical Guide
for Body Builders and Strength Athletes

Back in the late 1960's, a tall, lanky, big-boned Paul Kelso was just finishing up a training session when a miracle occurred. He carelessly bent over to move a loaded bar out of the way, sort of heaving it aside, when he felt a response in his lower traps that year's worth of power cleans and bent-over rows hadn't touched. Curious, he picked up the bar in a bent-over rowing position and shrugged it again with the same response. Kelso dedicated the rest of the training session shrugging with various grips and hand widths, experimenting with which ones worked different muscle groups. At the end of the day the now famous Kelso Shrug System was born.

Teaches good principles and got some good pointers to improve strength performance

It is important to grasp the principle that a Kelso Shrug is not a magical, single exercise. But rather a natural principle based on the natural adduction and retraction of the scapula as well as other ranges of movements involving the entire shoulder girdle. Paul Kelso's techniques utilize the natural mobility of the shoulder girdle to build a foundation for heavy lifting and to isolate specific muscle groups as an adjunct to regular training.

Bonus Section:
Trap Bar variations and a Bone Structure course

the gerard trap bar

In addition to explaining the theory and mechanics of using a trap bar this book also includes two bonus sections: The first one on Gerard trap bar exercise variations and the other, a bone structure course.

What experts say about the Kelso Shrug Book

"You've taken the shrug farther than anyone in the game."
Peary Rader.

"Should be part of every trainee's program."
Doctor Ken Leistner.

"The Mark Twain of iron-game storytelling returns to his how-to roots with very positive results."
Mike Lambert
Powerlifting USA

"There is something in it for everyone who trains".
Paul Kelso - Fitness Author

"The trapbar deadlift is the king of exercises!"
Thomas Inch - Gym Rat

Kelso Shrug book details

Trade Paperback: 76 pages
Profusely Illustrated
Language: English
ISBN 978-0934523-38-7
Shipping Weight: 12.6 ounces
Amazon average review ranking: 5 Stars
Profusely illustrated

About the Author

portrait of Paul kelso playing the guitar

Paul Kelso was active in the world of weights for fifty years, having published more than 100 articles and three books on the iron game. More specifically, his credits include: Hardgainer, Muscular Development, American Fitness Quarterly, International Powerlifting (IPF) and three Japanese magazines. As Asian correspondent for POWERLIFTING USA magazine, he reported six Asian Championships, two IPF World Championships and the 2001 World Games, plus multiple national championships in Japan and the Philippines.

In his early years Kelso served two tours as an Army medic, spent time as a teacher, journalist and folksinger. He wrestled professionally. He earned an MA in American Studies from the University of Iowa.

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