Instructions for Armourers:

Instructions for Armourers Lee Enfield No. 1

by Frederic Faust

Reference Notes On
How to Troubleshoot and Repair
Enfield SMLE and Pattern 14 Rifles

This compilation of British War Office notes (circa 1931) on the SMLE, provide unit armourers with detailed information on how to:

How to strip and reassemble the rifles
Strip and reassemble a bolt
Strip and reassemble a magazine
Clean a rusty barrel
Clear an obstructed bore
Clean the chamber
Check for correct headspace
Replace a bolt head
Adjust trigger pull
Fit a new striker
Fit a new sear
Blacken sights
Fit a new foreend
Troubleshoot misfires

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Editor of this book, Fredric Franklyn Faust, makes his living writing about the history and technology of military and commercial weapons. He is currently the editor of, a provider of online articles about firearms, ammunition, reloading, shooting and shooting accessories.

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