double agent

Double Agent

Learn how to encode and decode sensitive messages and documents!

A cipherbase thwarts a casual or malicious snooper by making otherwise readable files apparent garbage.

A crypto system can best be compared to a locked door. Any thug can smash a window. Any professional burglar can pick the lock. that is, if he wants to go to all that trouble. Truth be told, the lock really wasn't designed to keep miscreants out. Instead, its intended purpose is nothing more than to slow down a thief, or maybe even more realistically, to keep an honest person honest.

Similarly, a crypto system like Double Agent is oftentimes only needed to prevent casual snooping, or at the very least to make unauthorized access to sensiive files exceedingly difficult. That said, do not underestimate the security of Double Agent.

The Double Agent system in this book was designed to protect computer programs or text from prying eyes. Or, one might use it at home, at school, or even at work. Its encryption algorithm is based on the trigram and affords a very high level of security. In fact, special units of the U.S. military and Civilian Intelligence Agencies use this encryption scheme to relay sensitive information to and from their field operatives. As a civilian, you can use this crypto system to leave scrambled top secret messages online forums.

Pending publication - December 2019

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