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How to Become a Freelance Writer

What This Book Is About

Freelance writing is first and foremost a business. In fact, the solemn act of sitting down at the keyboard is the last step in the process, one that's only done after you've sold a newspaper or a magazine article. And selling your work not once, but over and over again is the key to success.

This brings up the salient point: What’s the difference between a struggling writer and a successful writer? Both the struggling writer and the working writer may boast equal writing ability. So why is one regularly published and the other isn't?

It is an unfortunate truth that many great writers are never published because they don’t know how to sell their writing. While it's also true that many marginal writers get so many assignments they turn down work.

The bottom line is that it’s not how good of a writer you are, but rather how good you are at selling your writing. This book will tell you how to get really good at selling your writing.

Be advised this book will not discuss writing techniques. Instead its pages will only focus on the business of writing. You should also know that anyone who can hold an intelligent conversation can likely already write well enough to sell articles on a consistent basis. So naturally it follows, so can you. Let's begin. - next - table of contents -