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Get Thee to a Writer's Conference

Another vital step in selling magazine article and books is to attend writer’s conferences. Without a doubt you will learn valuable lessons about writing technique. But beyond pure craft, writing conferences are infinitely valuable for the simple fact that they offer camaraderie. While in residence you’re in the company of other like minded writers who are either already successful, or who like you are, well, writers. Shared vision of a dream is empowering behind belief.

There’s another salient reason to attend writers conferences, and as you have already guessed, it's networking. Agents and editors attend them in a feeding frenzy, on the sharp look out for new talent. In other words, you. Networking is crucial to your career. Writer’s conferences can be like a jumpstart to your career. The best way to find a writer's conference to you liking is to do a search on the internet. Another way to find a reputable conference is to look at the ads in Writer's Digest magazine. - next chapter - table of contents -