Patton's Angell book cover

Patton's Angell

This novel, based on true events, chronicles Sergeant Mick Angell's combat crusade against the Wermacht during the Second World War

Written by Eric Helm

When the Nazi Army blitzkrieged across Poland and France, Angell responded by traveling to Canada where he joined the Princess Pat Light Infantry Regiment.

When the United States of America entered the war, he transferred to the U.S. Army. In the North African campaign he fought with General Patton's Army against Rommel's Afrika Corps. On D-Day, he went ashore during the 13th wave and fought until mid-July when he was wounded by a Nazi sniper.

Author Eric Helm's novels are traditionally published as paperbacks, as opposed to this title, which is published as a large format trade paperback. The larger size, with its taller typeface, combine to make it easier to read.

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