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Panamanian Streeet Spanish Dictionary

Panamanian Street Spanish Words and Phrases

Before you go, first take the time to learn Panamanian-Spanish words and phrases so you can speak street Spanish like a local.

Learning Panamanian-Spanish words and phrases lets you speak street Spanish like a local. And naturally it follows, that pays big dividends. It's less frustrating to ask questions and Panamanians will have more respect for you, even if your Panamanian Spanish isn't great. This book includes cultural references such as food, dance, and sex in a way that make the words come alive and be more easily remembered.

Unlike most foreign language books, with sterile lists of words (yawn), this one includes cultural references (food, dance, sex) that make the words come alive and be more easily remembered. Panamanians will be the first to proclaim the fact that they speak Castilian the purest form of the Spanish language.

That said, over the past 500-odd years the Panamanian dialect has absorbed a significant part of its vocabulary from other languages. For example, American English from the Panama Canal Zone. And in addition to English, Panamanian Spanish has also borrowed words from the languages of its many immigrants to the Isthmus, most notably: Africans, French, Italians, Greeks, Chinese (Hakka and Cantonese) and both Hindi and Gujarati East Indians.

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