meskwaki settlemnts

Historic Meskwaki settlements

Meskwaki Language: Words and Phrases

by Don Wanatee Sr.

Meskwaki Chief Wapello

More than a mere dictionary, each one of the chosen words in this annotated dictionary are matched up with an image of the object and a narrative (Voiced by an enrolled Meskwaki )that explains how the items relate to the Meskwaki culture.

This method of learning helps us intrinsically understand not only how to speak the words and phrases, but more importantly, how to relate to the people.

Seed -xx
Sky -- xx
Moon - xx
Dog --xx

Middle Coast Language Series
Trade Paperback: 00 pages
Language: English/Meskwaki
ISBN-13: 978-093400000000
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
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Pending publication - 2018