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Killer Burger Recipes:
How to Build a Better Burger

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When we say burger, we mean a beef burger made with ground chuck, brisket, short ribs or even tenderloin. On these pages you will learn the best cuts of meats and blends for building a tasty, succulent burger and how to cook one to the degree of doneness to your liking. Find out why your burger needs a cast iron skillet and why you should never smash a patty flat with the spatula. Learn why store-bought shredded cheese is not the best choice, and what is.

Recipes include the infamous Jucy Lucy (sic), the venerable Patty Melt, Blue Cheese and Mushroom burgers as well as regional varieties like the New England, Southwestern, TexMex, California, Carolina and Oklahoma burgers. Enjoy flavor-packed Argentinian (Gaucho), Canadian, Korean, Japanese, Mexican Spanish and Italian versions of the humble burger.

Hot Dog Recipes From Around the World

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This book will change your life. The days of plopping a hot dog on a bun, squirting a squiggle of mustard on it and calling it lunch are over.

Our 101-Plus Hot Dog Variations include: Chicago dogs, Tex-Mex dogs, Pigs in a Blanket, Baltimore Frizzled, Kansas City dogs, New York City dogs, Coney Island dogs, The Francheezie, Southern slaw dogs and Corn dogs.

The international section of the book details how hot dog aficionados from around the world prepare hot dogs, recipes from: The Basque Country, France, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Japan and Australia.

Besides the multitude of recipes for assembling hot dogs we've included recipes for homemade mustard, Coney Island Sauce, Salsa Rosada, Guatemalan Chirmol, Sauce Américaine, Flo's Hot Dog Relish,Coca-Cola Caramelized Onions, Hot dog Slaw, Marmet Famous Yellow Slaw Texas Yellow Cold Slaw, Rémoulade, Utah Fry Sauce, Hawaiian Salsa and Guasacaca to name but a few.

Campfire Cookery:
Recipes and Techniques for Cooking
Around An Open Fire

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