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Launch your freelance writing career!

You've probably already guessed the truth.

That the only difference between an aspiring writer and a published writer is that one of the two already knows exactly how to sell stories to a magazine editor.

If you're unpublished and want to earn a living writing magazine and newspaper articles I can tell you how to do it in an inexpensive Special Report that I've written.

I know how. I have nearly two million words in print, in national magazines, newspapers, novels, non-fiction books, anthologies and online.

I've been helping aspiring writers get their start since 1990. And I can help you too.

Six Simple Reasons Why You Should Buy This Book

1. Because if you can hold an intelligent conversation, on any topic, you can already write well enough to get published. By all means, keep polishing your writing technique, but start making money now!

2. Because magazines and newspapers have a voracious appetite for articles. You can write about things you already know about and get paid.

2. Because in about 90 days you could be cashing your first check for a magazine article you've written. But don't buy the report today and in 90 days where will you be?

3. Because when the magazine comes out with your article and your biline you have bragging rights.

4. Because what you'll learn will help you bypass years worth of struggling and jumpstart your career.

5. Because I have exactly the right information for your level of expertise.

6. Because the cover price is a tiny investment compared to the money you'll earn writing and selling articles.

My Credentials

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I'm Tim Banse, a fulltime writer with more than Two million words in print in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Brazil, the UK and Australia. That number includes novels, non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine features and newspaper articles. Google my name as "tim banse" to see for yourself if I know what I'm talking about.

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