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Basic Basque: English/Basque Dictionary

Learning Euskara one word at time. . .

From A to Z the dictionary lists words in English along with its Basque translation.

Then in part two, vocabulary is listed in groups to make them easy to find, ie: Colours, animals, places, food, flavours, days of the week, weather and people and so on.

Learning at least some of the language provides a glimpse into Basque social and family life.

One reason for the continued revival of the Basque language is its widening use in media, including television and radio.

A Short Euskara Word Sampler

Accident - istripu
Acquaintance - ezagun
Address - helbide
Adequate - egoki
Adult game - joko
Afternoon - arratsalde
Age - adin
Alive - bizirik
Amaze - harritu
Amazingly - harrituta
Analyze - azter
Angrily - haserre
Angry - petral
Answer - erantzun
Ant - inurri
Appear - ageri
Arm - beso
Arrive - iritsi
Arrive - heldu
Ascend - igo
Ashamedly - lotsaturik

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