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For the Atari 400/800 Personal Computers

home applications and games for the Atari 400/800 personal computer book

First published in 1983, this second edition is a faithful reproduction of the original, classic personal computer book that boasts 31 easy to use Atari BASIC programs.

Simply type in the programs and use them to manage your checkbook, or create a database file to keep an inventory of household goods.

You can play graphic games, shooting down imaginary MIG fighters, battle the insidious monster Grendel, or one of the evil Ghost Town Vampire girls.

Test your Extra Sensory Perception.

Expand your consciousness with the Color Speak game.

Compose music.

Encrypt or decrypt private files with the codebreaker utility.

What's tantalizing about this book is the way its many computer programs take advantage of all the sophistication of Atari BASIC. Its 6502 Motorola main processor talks to a separate graphics chip which offers great graphics for games, a feature that was unavailable on other home computers of the time.

More particularly, in addition to graphics, Atari BASIC supports sound, (SOUND statement), graphics (GRAPHICS, SETCOLOR, COLOR, PLOT and DRAWTO) and peripheral units like joysticks (STICK, STRIG) and paddles (PADDLE, PTRIG). Other home computer users were often left with cryptic PEEKs and POKEs for such programming.

As such, this book's litany of programs provides a self teaching guide to all the nuances of Atari BASIC.

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