A Dreadful Lemon Pie

a dreadful lemon pie novel book cover

A Middle Coast Mystery Anthology

Written by Timothy P. Banse

A Dreadful Lemon Pie:

A Hollywood reporter investigating the brutal murders of LA fashion models gets in over her head after consulting a psychic crime fighter.

Harold's Hobby:

His neighbors thought of him as a quiet, dull fellow. But then, none of them knew about Harold's Saturday night hobby . . .

Kill Joy:

A cheating wife lures a complete stranger onto her sailboat over drinks. Things do not end well.

Blind Charley's Corner:

A Rock and Roll band, a deadly plane crash, rumours of murder, cannibalism and a dead chicken.

The Mystery of the Lost Handkerchief:

A war trophy, an Asian beauty and a thief.

Riders on the Storm:

A mysterious green glow lights up Main Street.

Raid on Manitou:

Some say the incident never happened; others are still trying to forget.


A cheating wife, her dying husband and a crowd of shameless gapers.

To The Moon, Alice:

In life, especially on a commuter flight, you never know who you're going to end up sitting next to.

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Book Details
Trade Paperback: 145 pages
Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches
ISBN 978-0934523691
Language: English

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